Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Custom Made Framed Doilies

Earlier this year a friend of mine at work went on my etsy shop and fell in love with my framed crocheted doilies. Thus began an endeavor that took me about a month to complete and had very favorable results. She picked out a pattern by Patricia Kristoffersen; I modified the pattern to fit what my customer wanted. Then she brought me a pillow sham that matched the comforter and drapes in her bed room and a picture of her bedroom furniture. We were able to match the colors in her pillow sham exactly (natural light) for the mats. I crocheted the piece, cut the mats, cut moulding that matched her furniture and with help from my friend, the framer, Carolyn's Frameworks in Belmont, NC, put the whole piece together. The results are stunning. Kay, my customer, is already planning to come back for another piece for her den, which will be another custom order. It was fun putting all the aspects together.

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