Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Fabulous Collaboration!!

On March 30, 2011, Lisa Correia of Enlightened Platypus on etsy announced our collaboration on her Facebook page. See Enlightened Platypus on Facebook. We started convoing on etsy back in January to Dream up a new elf couture Sweater Dream Coat design. She makes her fabulous coats - I add my colorful bell sleeves. The first one will be listed soon in her shop. She previews all her coats on Facebook the week before her sales, so keep a watch for them. They are unbelievable! I have four more sweaters and pallets I'm working on now. Should be sending these back to her for Lisa to work her magic sometime next week. In the meantime too, I'm working on all the custom orders I recieved in my shop after her announcement. Lisa is awesome and a wonderful artisan to share her success in such a generous way. I am truely indebted to her. So, watch for more wonderful designs from both of us. We are blessed to be able to do something we truely love to do - Take care of our babies (my grandbabies in my case) and use our creativity to bring such joy!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Husband's Classic Comfort

20 some odd years ago, when we were dating, I taught this very masculine man how to crochet. And, boy did he ever pick it up. He makes absolutely gorgeous afghans. Now he has his own etsy shop at So if you ever see a mid 50ish man, with a grey beard, balding head and a good sense of humor sitting on an airplane crocheting, I'll betcha it's him. He takes his crocheting everywhere. Now that's a man who is very secure in his masculinity and quite an artisan to boot. Check it out at