Wednesday, August 7, 2013

And Life Goes On......

Been a while since I've been on here. So much has happened and many people keep up with my Crochet business on Facebook. But thought I'd post a new article on my blog as well.
First - as of March 2013, I have a new studio at Arts on Main in Gastonia, NC. My sweater business and Weasley Sleeves have taken off again, making it competitive for my custom order list for my Journey Inspired Scarves. Almost completely finished with my second custom order list and started the third and last one today. I'm so glad and feel very privileged that Journey fans the world over really like my scarves. But the lists were taking over my life and well, I can't sit and crochet all day every day. So, the Journey Inspired Scarves will be sold only in Pre-Announced Sales from now on. My next Sale will be September 29, 2013 at 3:00PM Eastern Standard Time on Etsy. My sweaters, sleeves and other projects still will be by custom order. Everything will have a wait but I promise the finished item will be of the highest quality.

Second, Arts on Main is a wonderful place - full of local art made by some of the most talented, considerate people I know. They have been wonderful to me and to my family. Last year during my son-in-law's illness, everyone was understanding when I had to be out of town for almost two months. Now that my daughter and grand-children are beginning their adjustments to life without John, I'm home more. Although I have strong feeling once school starts back and Becca truely begins her consulting business, I'll be in Concord more again. At least crochet is a portable business.

And last, my other business is Prevent Child Abuse Gaston. While my responsibilities there will remain part-time, the commitments are increasing. With the new projects we are planning, I will be in that office more and more.

Just for interest, here's some photos of my new studio.

Monday, January 28, 2013

My Journey

In 2012, a young man asked me to replicate the scarf in the videogame, Journey. Little did I know what a journey he was about to start for me. On June 29, 2012, Game Informer Magazine published a link and story to my etsy shop,, and my life changed. I copyrighted the crochet pattern and started a custom order list, that turned into a Notification List, another Custom Order List, a second Notification List and on February 23, 2013 we will hold our first outright sale of these scarves. Yes, they look like simple double crochet scarves, but the trick is in switching the colors. My son warned me about the popularity and the unique combination of crochet and the gaming world. I like promoting this particular game - it's peaceful and beautiful. The music is gorgeous. One of my customers is a violinist who just finished a video of the music wearing one of my scarves. Now, isn't that something!? Looking forward to the sale and can't believe my good fortune. All the folks I've "met" through this have been so nice and appreciative (and patient - these scarves are handmade and they take time!). So thanks to all who have been interested in my Journey Inspired Scarves. Just wait till you see what we have planned!