Tuesday, December 2, 2008


OK - I did it. I added a 1000 Markets shop last night. Sat up working on it until 2 in the morning. If anyone is following my blog, check it out at 1000markets.com/ccdzs. I'm excited about a new venue and hope that it brings some more biz. Dreamwoven from Etsy has started a new market there called Wearable Art. That looks very interesting and a wonderful way to "market" handmade items. Makes me wish I was more in a situation where I could quit my day job and just work with yarns. But alas, the finances just aren't there yet. Making myself venture out more into this internet marketing is really stretching my internet knowledge. Also, just started uploading my etsy shop on to Google Base. Still having a problem with the automatic upload so I'm doing it manually every morning. OK, let's see how this goes.


Bonnie said...

Quit your day job?! The way you are going now, with your talent and internet savvy, it won't be long. Then we can all say 'we knew her when!'Bonnie Samuel

Crochet Creations by Dottie Scher said...

Thanks, Bonnie. You are such a + influence.