Saturday, April 11, 2009


Over the many years I've been crocheting, walking into a yarn shop or finding a new, beautiful yarn has been like a tonic to me. I get ideas in my head of how I'm going to use the yarn, the textures, the colors, the feel of the yarn next to my skin - it's intoxicating. Now I have about three rooms upstairs full of yarns, some of which I've had for over twenty years. Well, my daughter has blessed me with a gorgeous grand-daughter and we need room for little ones to play. So - I'm destashing. I never dreamed it would be so hard to let go of some of my yarns, but I'll be posting them in my etsy shop ( ) in the next few days. Just posted two that are just beautiful and I've definitely priced them to sell. So someone else, put on your dreaming caps and think of how you want to use these yarns.

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