Monday, February 20, 2012

Selling my Molly Weasley Sleeve Pattern

I get asked all the time to sell my Molly Weasley sleeve pattern. The one I use now is my own design and there are several good reasons I don't sell it.

1) It changes every time I make a pair of sleeves.

2) I have no desire to write it down - it's in my head.

3) This is how I make my extra money now.

I'm a retired Child Protective Services Supervisor. I worked in that field for over 25 years and now I'm the Executive Director for a Child Abuse Prevention Agency on a voluntary basis until we get our funding set up.

My crochet is my art and maybe someday I'll consider writing down the pattern and selling it. But right now, that does not fit in my plans. My crochet continues to be a great source of release and therapy for me. And, this past year it has been very lucrative for me. So when that day comes, I'll announce it and then put it out but not now.

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