Sunday, April 29, 2012

Feeling My Age

This past month has been very busy and very difficult for me. Starting on March 26, 2012, I had a kidney stone attack and ended up in the hospital. First ride in an ambulance - that was an experience I don't want to repeat, but the EMTs were fabulous. Then two weeks later another attack two days in a row that made me extremely sick and I landed back in the hospital for pain management and surgery. When my urologist went in to get the stone, it disappeared so they ended up doing an exploratory all through my kidney. Had a stint for two weeks and when my doc took it out we discovered I had a raging infection. So now we're battling that. Through it all I've had tremendous support from my family and friends; I still was able to plan and host the 1st Child Abuse Prevention Month Candlelight Vigil here in Gastonia and attend the Presentation of the Proclamation from the City Council (the one by the County Commissioners was the night of my surgery so a Board Member of the Prevent Child Abuse Gaston stood in for me). I attended our other functions this month as well, just moving kinda slow. And, my progress on my custom order list really took a toll, but I'm getting caught up. I'm not complaining, just stating that when you really want to do something, despite whatever obstacles may get in your way, you can do it. And, I had the help of a very attentive family - for that I am forever grateful. Don't ever take being pain free for granted because it can change in a heartbeat. And thank God for every day you are healthy.

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